Switching Back to Linux

Recently I had an incident with my Macbook Pro. My MagSafe connector was very hot when I got up. So hot that it gave me a blister in my finger.

Alarmed, I unplugged the machine and proceeded to see if there was any irreparable damage to the machine. Both the charger and the laptop connector where blackened by the excessive heat. Luckily it was “just” the charger that was completely damaged. It’s an 80€ charger that imploded for no reason. I was relieved, because I know how expensive Macbook repairs are. That is by design. The deliberately stomp on your right to repair.

After being coerced into spending those 80€ on an overpriced proprietary charger I vowed that this would by the last Macbook of a lineage that started in 2006. I’m moving to Linux. This means that I can now buy hardware that it’s half the price with configurations that are impossible in a Macbook Pro. More importantly I’m standing for something I believe in, the right to repair.

Since this Macbook Pro is still a serviceable machine, I decided to try my Linux experiment on it. My approach was to have a dual boot with macOS and Pop!_OS (to simplify, Ubuntu with a theme). I was a Linux user before Apple, so going back to that made sense. This way I will have the chance to go back on my decision if ther is anything critical that I overlooked when I decided to switch OS. My measure will be: how often do I find myself logging into macOS for something I cannot do in Linux? The only slightly convoluted thing was to make the Facetime HD camera in my Mid 2015 Retinal Macbook Pro.

I am very happy to report that I haven’t logged into macOS once.

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