Please consider ethics for a hypothetical virtual DrupalCon

If the Drupal Association decides to go virtual for DrupalCon, I really hope Software ethics is one important feature when deciding how to do it.

We have the chance to double down on our commitment towards freedom instead of spending kindly donated money and volunteer time in commercial, proprietary, and potentially unethical software. The Free Software Foundation celebrated their annual conference LibrePlanet virtually, and they are sharing how they did it.

Let’s reach out to them, let’s build bridges with other Free Software organizations, let’s collaborate.

EDIT: The Drupal Association just posted that DrupalCon Global 2020 will be an entirely on-line event. I will be happy to assist the DA in figuring out the ethical solution for this conference, should the DA need it.

Photo by Nowshad Arefin on Unsplash

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