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Just a moment ago I was thinking about adding a free Cloudflare CDN in front of my personal services that I self-host at home. My thinking was on leveraging the edge cache to alleviate some load in my home server. I decided to read their privacy policy and I was hesitant. This is an extract:

we may use the information […] to: […] Process for other purposes for which we obtain your consent.

This is somewhat sketchy, specially in a world where online consent could be asked and granted by “continue to use this webpage”.

Information from Third Party Services. We may combine information we collect as described above with personal information we obtain from third parties. For example, we may combine information entered on a Cloudflare sales submission form with information we receive from a third-party sales intelligence platform vendor to enhance our ability to market our Services to Customers or potential Customers.

There are some hopeful nuggets in there, like:

We keep your personal information personal and private. We will not sell or rent your personal information to anyone. We will not share or otherwise disclose your personal information except as necessary to provide our Services or as otherwise described in this Policy without first providing you with notice and the opportunity to consent.


If we make changes to this Policy that we believe materially impact the privacy of your personal data, we will promptly provide notice of any such changes (and, where necessary, obtain consent), as well as post the updated Policy on this website noting the effective date of any changes.

Which is refreshing in a world where the common norm is that websites do not notify changes in policies and reserve the right to make unilateral changes to the original agreement.

I decided not to use Cloudflare after all, because of the small use I would give it and because of other privacy and security considerations. Maybe it is a good choice for you, I haven’t made my mind yet for a read-only site.

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